About Emotion Code Healing

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Image Credit: Doris Crompton

  • Are you aware of the powerful influence negative emotions have on you?
  •   Do they make you feel isolated from others or do they make it hard for you to communicate with others?
  • Do they block you from the joy and freedom of expression you so deeply desire?
  • Are you ready to make a change  and release all those negative trapped emotions?

As we know with quantum physics, everything is energy, our body, including our DNA and our emotions too. You may have seen the expression: Emotion= Energy in motion. According to Dr. Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion, our physiology is literally run by our emotions. That is, emotions produce concrete chemical reactions coursing everywhere within the body. Each specific emotion is vibrating at a different speed and altering the chemical makeup of the body/mind in different ways .Negative emotions can cause energy blocks in the body, and science is now recognizing that certain trapped emotions contribute greatly to disease in the body. This is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.


So what does having Trapped Emotions mean?

It means that when we have trapped emotions in our energy body including our DNA , they disrupt the natural flow of energy in our body. This will eventually manifest as pain in the body. You may have heard the expressions: “The issues are on the tissues.” or “Your biography becomes your biology.”

These trapped emotions can be inherited too from our parents and ancestors. There is evidence to suggest that inherited conditions are caused by events that our ancestors went through, such as famine, war, heartbreak, abandonment, etc. These trapped emotions can be released too!


What can be done to release Trapped Emotions?

Using kinesiology, muscle testing, it is possible to connect with your subconscious, and find out what the trapped emotions are, and when they occurred in your life, then release them by running a magnet, several times, down the back along the Governing Meridian. The magnet amplifies the intention.


What is a Heart Wall?

The Heart Wall is a barrier which the mind forms made up of trapped emotions. The mind literally forms a wall around the heart with these emotions to protect the heart from injury or from being broken. To the mind the wall is a reality. Initially, a heart wall may be a good thing for protection, but if the heart wall is left in place and continues building then it becomes detrimental. The wall hinders love from flowing freely into the heart or out from the heart.

By releasing the heart wall, it is possible to live your life from a more authentic place, and that in itself can be transformational. Many people speak of “breaking down the walls’ between people of all races and nations, but the first wall that needs to be broken down is the one we built around our own hearts and that makes it so hard for us to love others and also receive love from them.


What if you don’t know when your emotions were trapped?

The beauty about this work is that you don’t need to know. You can literally sit back and allow your subconscious to give you the information. Some people do have memories or thoughts of the memories as they emotion is released, but this is not necessary to completely release the emotion. It still works, and trapped emotions can be released.

The Session?

The session can be done in person as well as from a distance, from anywhere in the world. That means you can get help from the comfort of your home.


What about children and animals?

This can work with children of all ages, as the release of trapped emotions can be done in proxy.
With children, the parents/guardians consent is required