Unlocking the secrets in our DNA

DNAThere is an age old saying ,”There is more to this than meets the eye.” , that is quite appropriate when we deal with the topic of inherited emotions. In a way,  when speaking of inherited emotions that are stored in our DNA, we could say:”There is more to us than meets the eye.”

We would love to think that every single one of our emotions are ours and ours alone. We would love to claim total independence from our forefathers and even insist that the way we feel and react, that our deepest fears and shadows have nothing to do with our genes. If we did that, we would only fool ourselves. This would make as little sense as saying that genetic history does not matter. It does matter on the physical level, on the medical level and on the emotional level.

How many of us having experienced our parents anger or criticism, promised ourselves never, ever to act like them when we had children in the future. Fast forward a couple of decades, and lo and behold, there comes a moment when, provoked and under stress, words fly out of our mouth , the exact words we wowed never to utter. This is a classic: “I can’t believe I am my mother” moment, as dreadful as it may sound.

Then there are other instances, more subdued ones. Instances where this inherited  influence sneaks in through the back door, almost unnoticed, like an uninvited presence that blends so well with the furniture, it seems to be non-existent. It may not be seen but it is surely felt.

I had a experience like that just last year as our family was making plans to go to Canada for a family reunion. On one hand I loved the idea of going to Canada and seeing the extended family and the majestic Niagara Falls again. On the other hand, an increased anxiety started to well up deep within me, first barely noticeable but gradually growing stronger day by day. I felt that I could not leave the house. What would happen with any of us here, to protect it? I had visions of the house not being here for us upon our return.

Had I not known about Dr. Nelson’s work with The Emotion Code, I would have , most likely gone through with the decision of staying back. I had already told my husband that it would be better for him to go alone with the children.

The Emotion Code is an energy healing modality that enables us to find what trapped emotions are causing the blockages. In this case, it was about my growing anxiety. I did a session on myself and found out that my anxiety was actually an inherited trapped emotions, coming from my mother’s side of the family. I was not at all surprised as my mother is always anxious. After identifying that emotion and releasing it, I felt as if a door has opened wide. That evening, I told my husband that I was going to Canada too. What a wonderful trip it was. Looking back, it would have been sad if I had not allowed myself the experience.

What is an inherited emotion? In his book , The Emotion Code, Dr. Nelson writes: “In the same way you can inherit your eye color, or the shape of your nose from your father or mother or other ancestors, you can also inherit trapped emotions from them.”

Margaret Ruby, author of the book,  DNA Healing, says ““Emotions are, in effect, the vibratory templates that turn our genes on or off. They activate the stories that have been sleeping in our genes”.

In her book, Bending toward the sun, author and daughter of a holocaust survivor, Leslie Gilbert-Lurie writes “It was not unusual to find children of Holocaust survivors, or the Second Generation, as we came to be known, weighed down by feelings of loss, guilt and anxiety, and trapped in a dynamic with our parents of mutual devotion and over protection. This fallout also clearly extended to a third generation.” She calls this: “the harmful effects of intergenerational transmission of traumatization.”

Further she writes” Finally, some researchers have proposed that memories of fear can actually be carried across generations through biochemistry.”

This is exactly what Dr. Nelson teaches. Negative trapped emotions are passed on from on generation to another through the DNA.

Unlocking the mysteries in our own DNA and identifying and releasing those negative trapped emotions is the key to our own peace, happiness and freedom. How can the inherited trapped emotions be identified? It is done through applied kinesiology or muscle testing. This is a simple and accurate way to communicate with our subconscious.

I am very grateful to have come across The Emotion Code as it is a proven method to identify and release what is no longer serving us, all the way to the DNA, the tiniest but powerful storage unit for personal and ancestral emotions. This is how deep we have to go if we truly want a lasting clearing.
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